'We believe we are a living part of society. This means that everything we do is focused on indispensable values like responsibility, trust and openness.’ (Volker Krause).

It starts with an environmental attitude, highest quality standards and the will to continuously improve all services and processes.

Everything about Bohlsener Mühle is focused on sustainability.

As an organic food enterprise, environmental protection is a particularly important priority. Our mission is to develop an environmentally conscious company that produces local products that can be easily controlled. Because we are committed to the promotion of organic agriculture, we simultaneously support the continuation of rural farm operations. We use medium-tech solutions that are easy to manage, modern, energy-efficient and flexible, and we consciously choose hydroelectric and other renewable energies. Our medium-term goal is to become a CO2-neutral operation.

We are active locally and are involved in various social projects, environmental initiatives and associations. In every way we can, we participate in the conservation and development of the region where we work and where the majority of our employees live. We cultivate an open, appreciative corporate culture that puts our employees first and builds trust. Motivated employees play a pivotal role in the company’s success and represent our knowledge assets.

We are convinced that only sustainable business models will be successful in the future.