Commitment to local

Bohlsener Mühle is committed to local, sustainable practices, from the processing of regional ingredients to the endeavour to keep the region liveable and attractive for its inhabitants. Our employees are from the local region, and the region gives them the strength to face the challenges of everyday life.

The Öko-Korn-Nord agricultural cooperative is a strong partner and supports us in the procurement of local ingredients. The cooperative was founded in 1991 by about 60 organic farmers who supply Bohlsener Mühle. Like Bohlsener Mühle, Öko-Korn-Nord is part of a Bioland community that takes responsibility for our future (

To support the local economy, we have joined forces with more than 40 other enterprises in an association called ÖkoRegio that promotes the compatibility of business and the environment and is dedicated to sustainable practices in harmony with people and nature.

In addition to supporting organic agriculture and the development of a new,  local economy, we are also committed to conserving the beautiful cultural environment of the Lüneburger Heide region.

This is why Bohlsener Mühle promotes businesses that have made it their goal to make life more liveable in the region. For example, we support the museum village in Hösseringen, a wonderful place where old knowledge is conserved and kept alive. Another initiative we support, the Hankensbüttel otter centre, is dedicated to the conservation of natural habitats.

We believe that success in business goes hand in hand with environmental and social responsibility. This is why we are involved in health, environmental and career education for young people, cultural events and sports activities. We consider ourselves a facilitator and engine for regional development. Examples include the founding of a (virtual) academy for rural development and sustainability (ALENA).