Our concept of quality encompasses everything from the way our ingredients are grown to the products we bring to the  table. We make nutritious food that tastes good. For the most part, we use whole grains, and we always choose natural herbs and spices instead of flavourings. To ensure that our products are a pleasure to eat, we select ingredients with optimum characteristics in terms of texture, aroma, hygiene and chemistry.


 At Bohlsen, organic makes a real difference.

  • Everything we make is 100% organic.
  • We make our ingredients and our products ourselves, which means we can directly influence all of the production technologies we use and systematically adapt them to organic requirements, in our own mill, our own bakery and our own baking line.
  • All of our organic grains come from northern Germany, right here near Bohlsen.
  • We support organic farming in our region by using local ingredients.
  • We bring new life to the economic and social development of our region.
  • The Bohlsener Mühle brand is transparent and authentic and as such stands for organic products and environmentally conscious production.
  • Our sustainable practices make us part of tomorrow today. There is no other alternative.