What we offer

The respect and appreciation we have for our employees is reflected in what seem like little details.

People who work for Bohlsener Mühle don’t have to think about what they will eat.

In the morning we provide fresh rolls for all of our employees, and everyone can enjoy as many as they want.

Thanks to our outstanding cafeteria meals (subsidized by management), all of our employees can eat a balanced, tasty and nutritious lunch and take the opportunity to catch up on the latest news from the organic business or their colleagues’ personal lives over a cup of hot coffee and or a fresh dessert. If there is no book on ‘Teambuilding with Shared Lunches’, we could write it.

Not only that, since our boss requested trees instead of gifts for his 60th birthday, employees can now eat their favourite apples straight from the tree right outside our door. Plus we are making a contribution to biodiversity since all of the fruit trees are heirloom varieties.

To burn off the calories they have consumed, our employees meet twice a week for a group jog. Bohlsener Mühle even provides the track suits.

And to spread the money they made during the week, Bohlsener Mühle employees and their families can shop at more than 40 members of the ÖkoRegio association at a discount.

Of course we also offer our employees financial benefits, a pension plan, internal and external training programs and opportunities for personal development.