Bohlsener Mühle: More than bread alone

Bohlsener Mühle has more than 700 years of tradition as a mill and for more than 30 years has specialized in processing organic grains. Based in the town of Bohlsen, south of Hamburg, Germany, the company has about 180 employees today and is one of the country’s best-known natural foods producers.

Our ingredients

All of the ingredients we use are certified organic. More than 200 farmers from the region supply us with local grain, including ancient grain types like spelt, einkorn and emmer. By working with local producers, we support farm enterprises and rural culture and help promote varied cultivation practices.

Our products

Our bakery produces a wide variety of fresh baked goods: great tasting breads and rolls, mouth-watering cakes and pastries and yummy snacks. We deliver them every day to customers in a 150-kilometre radius. Our natural foods line includes more than 200 products, ranging from sweet and savoury packaged baked goods to grain specialties, breakfast cereals, and grain-based food mixes. We distribute an extensive range of ingredients to organic producers and processors throughout Germany and Europe.  

Holistic quality


Our high-quality, organically produced foods are not only tasty, but are also made using safe, environmentally friendly processes. To make sure it stays that way, we have reliable quality assurance systems in place and subject our ingredients and products to rigorous controls. We use state-of-the-art baking and processing technologies that are characterized by energy efficiency and flexibility. Our next goal is to achieve CO2 neutrality for our operation. We are convinced that companies have a responsibility to society. That’s why we are involved in social projects, environmental protection and rural development, including in areas outside the scope of our business operation. And that’s why we can say we supply more than bread alone.